I have dedicated my life to Love.  I am a Sacred Intimate.  A teacher.  An empath. And an ordinary, extraordinary woman.  

But it wasn’t always that way.  I spent my life pursuing the desires I had be taught to want. I desired all the standard stuff - love, financial freedom, a beautiful home, a smaller ass.  I was told these things would lead to my happiness.  Yet, happiness always remained a thing in the future.
They say it often takes a traumatic event to break us down and wake us up.  That event happened with the death of my family. After that, the desires I had dedicated my life to having no longer made sense.  Nothing made sense.  I wanted a playful, happy life and had no idea how to do that.  I quit my job and went in search of play.
I spent years taking classes, trainings, and working with private practitioners.  I was unlearning all the ways I had become “not me”.  I got back into the body I had abandoned. I healed my broken heart.  My erotic nature awakened.  Happiness and play were waiting for me right where I left them.
The path to fearlessly occupy our bodies, and open our hearts has many doorways.  Through Playing Ground, I offer one of those paths.  Love and play are my treasured maps.
Along my path to awakening I have:

  • Taken a 3-year deep dive into the practice of Sacred Intimacy
  • Studied the tools of Power and Surrender dynamics
  • Taken 2 years of Process Therapy training focused on body-centered therapies
  • Studied Tantra with Caroline Muir, Charles Muir, Dr. Rudy Ballentine and Steve and Lokita Carter
  • Led sexuality workshops over the past 5 years at various personal growth events

I look forward to meeting you.