Joanne Porzio

Joanne has spent the last decade creating, producing and facilitating adult learning workshops and events. Inspired by her own personal journey from devastation to aliveness after the loss of her family, Joanne created Playing Ground to share the knowledge she has gathered and bring together an impressive collective of teachers, coaches and practitioners that have supported her on her journey. Joanne calls upon her years in event production, film production and advertising to create exciting events and experiences designed to enliven and entertain.

After spending the past decade as a student of sacred sexuality, intimacy and love, Joanne practices her dedication to awakening the divine that lives in each of us through her private coaching practice.

Joanne is also currently writing her first work of non-fiction titled “Playdate, A big lesson I learned from a little girl” which shares the simple wisdom of children, inspired by her late niece, Isabel, who succumbed to cancer at the age of six.